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It was mainly the idols of the Goddess Durga

But I never thought that I would create my artworks out of metal. The multi-dimensional art project that portrays Goddess Durga in her various avatars, took six years to complete. Narayan believes that the project is not just about godly forms of famous Aluminum multi ladder suppliers Durga, but also about the festivity surrounding it. Talking about his choice of materials that he uses to create his artworks, he adds, “I have a concern to preserve culture. Made from items that are considered as discards such as automobile parts, fuel tanks of kerosene stoves, stove burners, metal scrap, old locks, mousetraps etc, his collection Debi weaves a story that resonates with culture and tradition. Every piece I collect has a purpose. People make fun of me and call me a scrap hero. “When I was a kid, I got the inspiration from the things that surrounded me. So I am not just a junk collector.. I do not collect randomly.Ever since he was a kid, Narayan was fascinated with metal, that he realised on his numerous visits to factories in his hometown.Coming from a small town, Narayan Sinha was always inspired by things around him – not only when it came to the final shape of his artworks, but also the raw materials he used to achieve that excellence in creating them. But collecting and sourcing material is a tedious process. I use objects that have been a part and parcel of our tradition. “I love metal and I believe metal loves me.

It was mainly the idols of the Goddess Durga in the temples and the pictures in the old calendars that pushed me towards creativity and formed my foundation,” shares Narayan. Also, the exhibition is a tribute to craftsmanship, as it’ll provide a firsthand view of what the idol goes through from start to finish,” adds Narayan.”The exhibition is on till November 15 in Art Alive Gallery, Gurgaon. It was only after I graduated in science, I started using nuts, bolts, metal tanks and any kind of metal form to create my artworks,” he sharesAn avid traveler, he collects materials from all over India. They will get a chance to witness how people experience religion at the grassroots level.This seems evident in his depiction of goddess and deities.Narayan draws inspirations from his native place, Nalhati. “The show will provide a cinematic experience to the viewers with a combination of lighting, a video installation and the whole interior of the place, along with the sculpture installations. There are thoughts and methods behind my choice of materials that may appear to be discards in the eyes of viewers.

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